Powerball Frenzy

With Wednesday night’s lotto jackpot at an all time high, everyone is feeling Powerball frenzy.  There’s a meme going around the internet regarding the Powerball and how it potentially could solve poverty.  I’m sure you’ve seen it.


This meme went viral this week and has been shared over 1.4 million times and has over 900,000 likes.  See anything off with it? The issue with this meme is that the math is totally wrong.  $1.3 billion split between 300 million people is not $4.33 million, but $4.33.

Here’s another way to look at the lotto prize.

If the 40 million students holding student debt split the prize pool (pre-tax) this would give each student only $37.50.  The average person carries about $35,000 in debt, so this could cover a little more than 1/1000th.

Congrats to the winner(s)!  Hope you enjoy it but spend it wisely.

Where is the next Silicon Valley?


Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is on the rise.  In 2012, 146,000 students received their undergraduate degree in computer science or engineering, up 25% since 2001.  This year, an additional 16,000 students will complete training from coding boot camps.  With the all these students entering the tech field, where are the jobs?

Bloomberg’s recent report suggests that these jobs will likely be moving away from traditional tech hubs, such as Silicon Valley.  Instead, they’ll be in energy hubs and around institutions that are known for their research.  There are several cities that have the highest STEM pay that may surprise you.  Washington, DC takes 3rd on the list due to the government’s high demand for technology workers and Bethesda, MD ranks 6th, due to the presence of Lockheed Martin.  Newark, NJ ranks 8th and is on its way to becoming a technology hub.  Just a train ride away from Manhattan, Newark is home to Rutgers, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Audible.com, whose CEO Donald Katz recently took the stage at TED to urge other tech companies to move to Newark and revealed his plans for growing the tech community in NJ.  Full story here.

Top 10 Highest STEM Pay

  1. San Jose, CA
  2. San Francisco, CA
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. Oakland, CA
  6. Bethesda, MD
  7. Framingham, MA
  8. Newark, NJ
  9. Huntsville, AL
  10. Boston, MA

Aside from access to energy and research institutions, the relative cost of living also has an influence.  Of course it’ll be nice to live in a major metropolitan city, but that comes with a hefty price tag.  For example, San Francisco, CA ranks #2 on the STEM pay list, with average STEM salary of $106,180, but ranks highest in cost of living, with an index of 262.3.  The average STEM salary for an individual in Huntsville, AL on the other hand is $92,380 with a cost-of-living index of only 97.4.  Simply put, this means you’ll make a little less salary in Huntsville, but can afford twice as much.  Bloomberg does a great job of breaking this down with graphics.

(Image: Bloomberg)


stem comparison

How to Be a More Confident Person

Self-confidence is an attribute that all great leaders exhibit.  What is confidence?  Simply put, confidence is the belief in your own abilities and judgement.  Self-confident people persevere through barriers and stay positive even when facing the toughest challenges.  If you don’t view yourself as a confident person, you’re in luck.  Not everyone is born with is, but we all have the ability to build it.

Check out this great infographic with suggestions on how you can become a more confident person.  (Image: Vegas Extreme SkyDiving)


Summer Social at Feast NYC 8.25.15

On August 25, 2015 we celebrated the launch of our new site and thanked our member community with an exclusive invite-only party at Feast NYC.  Lots of drinks, amazing food, and great company.  Thank you all to those that attended and special thanks to Feast for their hospitality!

Congrats to the lucky winners of our drawing – Guiddalia , Sarah, and Lauren! Enjoy your dinner for 2 at Feast.

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New site!

The team has been working hard on redesigning our site to create an enhanced experience for our users.  We’re proud to announce that version 2.0 of our site went live today!  We’ve added new features such as the ability for users to create their personal school rankings, an investor portal, and a new dashboard layout.  We hope you like it.

Take a few moments to sign-up and check out your personal AQ score.  Let us know what you think!